I can't believe I not only had the chance to meet the gal who started the Lemon Box, but also give you a hug & my personal thanks. I will always carry the warm memory of receiving my box on that difficult day and how it lifted my spirits. I absolutely want to be part of your project and would love to connect with you. A busy time going on right now, especially with the new building.  Let me know if you need an extra hand. It was wonderful to meet you! " 

Priscilla  C

My name is Lisa and I'm a good friend of Nikki Criel. She gave me yesterday the Lemons of Love bag you made for me. I love it !! I already wore my hat. Thank you so much for making this bag for me. It really made my day !! I appreciate all you do and the love and care you put into everything you do. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. I'm going through chemo now and then will need radiation. It's things like what you do that help me get through this difficult time during my recovery. I'm thinking positive and will be a survivor !"

Lisa P.

I just my Lemons of Love care package at Anschutz Cancer Center before my chemo treatment. What a special treat! Thank you for brightening my day and a special shout out to Andreas, Age 7 for the colorful drawing of the mountains with flowers. That was a truly heartwarming addition to the package."

Karin H.

I was so appreciative of the lovely lemons bag and goodies I received while I was receiving treatment at the hospital. Such a nice drawing from Lucas Stuckert is hanging on my refrigerator as a reminder of how caring people are.

I have been battling breast cancer for almost 7 years now. Every time I thought this disease was beat, I was reminded that it isn't. This stupid cancer has metastasized into my bones and various parts of my body. I have been on various types of chemo over the years in hopes that the tumors would just stop growing and spreading. It's been awful but people like you make living and fighting this disease so much more bearable. The warmth of strangers is such an encouragement and a blessing.

Thank you for your kindness and everything you do for others."


My name is Jessica Blankenship and I am a social worker at Kootenai Clinic Cancer Services in Post Falls Idaho.  I had the great joy of providing the donated Lemons of Love bags to patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.  I want to let all of the people behind this donation know how incredibly special the recipients feel.  The smiles and joy the bags bring is quite powerful.  The beautifully created bags and the special children’s hand drawn picture are much appreciated.  Thank you for the time, energy and love put into each bag."

Jessica Blankenship, LSW Social Worker

Hello and Merry Christmas. I recieved my chemo bag and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was so surprized when I recieved my bag, I actually got all teary eyed! It is so nice to know that there are people in this world who really care about what other people are going through. You have made me very happy and when I use some of the stuff in my chemo care bag I will think of you and smile. God bless and have a wonderful new year."

Mary Perez

Dear Jill, Thank you so much for the lovely surprise waiting for me after my chemo treatment a couple of weeks ago. What a kind act you have done to share with others battling this debilitating disease/treatment. No matter how well one prepares themselves, we all have those days when we feel bad and defeated.  My Lemons of Love surprise certainly brightened my week! I especially want to thank your sister, Julie, for remembering me. I have gotten to know Julie at our church. She is such a kind, caring person with beautiful hair and a great smile and an even better hug.i gave Julie a prototype I was working on of a seat belt port cushion that closes around the seatbelt with Velcro to protect that tender area from rubbing while in the car. I would like to send you some to include in your Lemons of Love boxes, if you are interested. They are small, weigh very little, and could be squeezed in easily. Again, thank you for the comfort you are sharing in reminding me, this is more than an individual battle I face. God Bless you and your mission."

Sharon Soulsby

I  have now "Liked" your Lemons of Love page and am so impressed with all of the kindness your generate to those in need of a smile.

 My friend, Jan Cochran, just had surgery for stage 4 colon/kidney cancer, while recovering in the hospital, fell and broke her shoulder, and now has acute bronchitis.  What a time she is having. I talked to her for only a couple of minutes today (because her voice is so raspy) and the first thing she said was how thrilled she was with your mailing.  She was just so touched.

I, too, am grateful to you for sending her this surprise.  It made us both smile.  And thanks to Kari-Ann for putting us all together!"

Betsy Skibinski

As a survivor myself ,  of a life threatening illness, and also an advocate for Aplastic Anemia,  I can assure you that family, friends and neighbors want to do all they can to help a love one going through medical treatments, but just aren't sure exactly WHAT to do. Jill and Lemons of Love have created the most absolute thoughtful, loving and caring gift possible. They have taken the guess work out of what to send and what the patient actually needs to make this stressful time just a little easier. What could possibly be more thoughtful and caring then a bag full of goodies, comfort and Love?? Jill and Lemons of Love are changing the world, One Cancer patient...One Chemo Patient at a Time.  Teaching the World to Be Just a little Kinder..... "

Judi Wilkinson

Travis, Thank you for organizing a "When Life Hands You Lemons" chemo gift package from Lemons of Love for my mom.  You made her day!  It arrived last week and she was so tickled.  The lemon drops and drawing from Brian Quinones were huge hits as she loves lemon drops and adores compassionate kids.  What a wonderful way to include young children in a mission of love! Mom had no idea who her angels were until I told her that it was our Donor Path family that organized it.  That made it even more special as she's so very proud of the work we do together. Mom can't wait to take her lemon bag to her next chemo.  I'm sure all her chemo buddies will be quite envious of her spoils. With love and gratitude, Rachel (Jenny's Daughter)."

Rachel Ramjattan

Thank youfor my beautiful tote bag of special goodies!  It was a wonderful surprise and I spent nearly a day trying to figure out how you had got my name!  Eventually the mystery was solved - my older daughter is a coach with donor path and she remembered one of he colleagues asking if she would mind sharing my name with one of his clients!  How cool is that... I am a new kid on the chemo block - only just had my second 'zap' but so far so good! Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your generosity,  it is SUCH a wonderful idea! Sincerly, Jenny (Rachel's Mom)."

Jenny Stephenson

I received a box on the 8th. From you,. Thank you very much -it helped. I read my horoscope for that day and it said, "Unexpected gifts, goodies and helpful resources from others might suddenly come today." .....and your gift did indeed come. Thank you again."

Margaret Hoyt

Today to my surprise I was given one of your lovely hand made Lemons of Love Bags.  I want to thank the representative.  She is from Chicago and was with race car driver Sarah Montgomery, the young lady from Lafayette who you are a sponsor of.  Her name is Sarah Montgomery. Please let the representative know and your company I am Nancy Hollier Granger.  Very grateful for the gift and today was the best my blood work has been since I have been in treatment. Blessed many ways. God Bless."

Nancy Granger, Lafayette, LA

My mom Katharina was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. She began her chemotherapy 6 weeks ago. One of the things that stood out to me the most was how dreary and depressing it is to go to her treatments with her. She just received a Lemons of Love care bags. It really brightened her mood. It was just a reminder that people do care and that there can be light in the darkness. Thank you so much for doing this! She just loved it! Thank you!"

Kornelia Klein

I just received my goodie bag today. I could not have come at a better time. I am in week 5 of a 6 week treatment plan. I am treating 10 hours away from home so have not bee home since treatment started. This last stretch the home sickness is worse then any side effects. Jill you are awesome. You gave me the boost and inspiration I needed to get me through the last 10 days!! Thank You!"

Pamela Eslinger

I posted the following on my Facebook timeline along with the link to the About on this site. The response from my friends alone has been huge. I’m hearing all kinds of stories about their family members that I wasn’t aware of before. My friends are thrilled with what you are doing Jill!!!! You are truly amazing!

“One of my greatest friends Jill has cancer and currently going through chemo. She was inspired to give to others who are also enduring chemo. She started giving goodie bags filled with fabulous items that brighten a cancer patient’s day and also let’s them know they are not alone in their fight. The response from other patients has been heart warming to say the least, some are even brought to tears, hearts filled with gratefulness.”

Erica Tucker

Thank you Lemons of Love. When I was going through chemo in the beginning and came home to a box and not knowing who sent it really made me feel good. It brought a smile to my face and the excitement of someone caring for me through this difficult journey. Everything inside was perfect for what I was needing and reminded me of how much I am loved. Just that little something can bring a ray of hope and remind you that you got this and can get through it. Lemons of Love made a difference in my life. Make a difference in someone you know who is going through this journey as well."

Rollina Camargo

Dear Jill, Thanks to our friend Katie Maher, I received one of your lovey “Lemons of Love” bags. It was such a delightful surprise when it arrived. The one thing I noticed right away was the theme you chose — lemons. I love lemons and Katie knew this, so it was all very personalized to me. I am truly hoping your new venture becomes a roaring success in record-breaking time. To me, your idea is already a total winner."


I was recently a recipient of one of your Lemons of Love bags. What a nice idea. Thank you so much for the smile it brought to my face".

Sarah Hobel

I received a box from a friend who was at a car event, LeMons, where they race clunkers for fun.  The charity was Lemons of Love.  I really appreciate all of the wonderful items in the box!  My favorite is a hand made drawing from a child.  It put a true smile in my heart!

Thank you for the work you do to provide that smile!"

Kim Giarratano

How has Lemons of Love touched your life?

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