We Make Lemonade!

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it is difficult to know what to do for them. We know that chemotherapy can be draining; treating them to one of these bags will lift their spirits.
Share some lemonade today!

Our care packages are filled with a lot of Lemon Love! In each package, you’ll find items to help ease the short-term side effects of chemo--like organic lemon drops (to get rid of the metallic chemo taste), organic ginger tea (for upset stomachs), and organic lotion (for dry chemo skin)—as well as a few items to just to bring a smile—like superhero socks (because going through chemo makes you a superhero) and a Happy Picture (drawn by a child).

Black & White Bag
Lemons of Love Canvas Bag
Black & White Bags
Leather Wallets
LOL Bracelet
LOL Bracelet
Lemons of Love Patterned Bags
Lemons of Love Canvas Bag
Lemons of Love Bag of Goodies
Lemons of Love Bags
A Note from me!
Lemon Drops For dry mouth
Striped Lemons of Love Bag
J.R. Watkins Lotion
Denim Lemons of Love Bag
Lime Lemons of Love Bag
Blue Striped Lemons of Love Bags
Lemon Lined Pink Bag
Pink Lemons of Love Bag
Dark Chocolate Blueberries. Cancer hates blueberries!
Tissues. No explanation needed!
Jewelry To feel pretty
Men's Camo Bags
J.R. Watkins Hand Soup
Sugar Scrub
Group of Bags
Checkerd Bags
Lemons of Love Hats
LOL coasters
Calypso Car
LOL Bags
Bags filled with Goodies
LOL Bags